I feel like all this stuff about the videos and photos of Harry in the tattoo shop is a really sad reflection of the state of celebrity in Hollywood (and America as a whole) versus the rest of the world.

It sounds bad, but as an American my first reaction to the images was ‘that’s unfortunate but that’s how it is in LA’. But it’s not how it should be.

The fact that some of us don’t even think twice about the meaning and repercussions of someone being stalked and photographed like that is sick.

The fact that in one part of the world it’s basically normal for someone to step out of a place as innocuous as a grocery store and be assaulted with the flashbulbs of thirty or more photographers and a herd of fans is sick.

The fact that people wonder why celebrities wind up drug addicted or breaking down or flipping out in public is sick.

The idea of ‘celebrity as a commodity’ is taken to such an extreme in the states that fans think it’s normal for someone famous to have every move documented by photo or video.

It’s kind of shocking to compare the paparazzi shots and the amount of girls that literally chase the boys around town by what country they’re in. There’s always pap photos or fan photos of them in airports, or out doing official things like shoots and recording, but stuff of this tattoo shop drama scale has never happened outside of LA.

It’s sad to think what was a haven for Louis and Harry a couple months ago has turned into stalking hell for them almost overnight. 

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